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Dress Codes


RJJ School for Girls:

The Dress Code is an important part of creating the enviroment described in our mission statement.  The official uniform skirts and jumpers can be purchased at Fraylich’s Uniform Shop in Brooklyn.  

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Updated RJJ School for Girls Dress Code (October 2015)

Girls must come to school in school uniform only.  Solid navy blue skirts MUST cover the knee.  Long-sleeved button down Oxford Blouses must be solid: white or pale blue.  Tee-shirts may not be worn.  3 Button collared long sleeve “Polos” that are solid; white or pale blue may be worn in grades 1-3 only.

While we do not require or endorse any particular manufacturer or retailer, the school uniform can be purchased  at Fraylichs  uniform store in Brooklyn.  The only sweatshirts allowed is the official school sweatshirt purchased through Fraylichs.

Students in grade 7 & 8 MUST wear knee socks.  Although knee socks would be preferable in grades 1 – 6 as well, shorter socks may be worn in those grades provided the ankles are covered at all times.  Leggings and socks below the ankle are not permitted in school.  Backless shoes are not permitted in school.  Nail polish and makeup are not permitted in school.  Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.

Rosh Chodesh

On Rosh Chodesh girls will be allowed to wear non-uniform shirts with uniform skirts.  Neck openings should not reveal the shoulder or extend below the collar bone.  They must be befitting a Bas Yisroel and the special day of Rosh Chodesh that was given especially in her honor.





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