At the RJJ boys’ division, our goal is to produce talmidim who are growing individuals in all aspects their development; yiras shamayim, limud haTorah and bein adam l’chaveiro. Our Rebbeim and educators are dedicated to motivating and guiding each talmid, through individual attention and by personal example. When one walks the halls, you can feel the combination of warmth and Gishmak the permeates our building. The experiences and connections established throughout the years create a bond that lasts a lifetime. Our Mechanchim and educators, together as a team, prepare and advance the talmidim for the future.

Our Rebbeim create engaging and interactive lessons with ongoing creative contests that motivate our talmidim to continuously develop their skills while growing their knowledge in all content areas. Yiras Shmayim is nurtured through a focus on the explanation of Tefilla during class and at Minyanim. Our skill-based curriculum advances from grade to grade, with structures for Chumash, Mishan, and Gemara. Our unique program targets the gaining of new skills, vocabulary accusation, and an understanding of the overall structure of the daf. As a true Ben Torah must integrate Yiras Shamayim and Derech Eretz into his identity, we constantly share ideas that inspire proper bein adam l’chaveiro/inter-personal skills through weekly presentation from our guidance counselor, at assemblies, in the class, and through personal demonstration. These concepts are reinforced with colorful posters on display throughout the school grounds. 

The RJJ General Studies curriculum prepares our students for the demands of the 21st century. We provide a well-rounded secular curriculum that ensures that students acquire the literacy, math, and content area skills, and knowledge, needed to become critical thinkers and autonomous learners throughout their years in school. At the middle school level, our students explore Earth Science, Biology, and STEM. Students also study Jewish and American history. The math curriculum is directed toward our 8th-grade Algebra Regent class. Our literacy classes enable students to explore multiple genres as they expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills.  They develop and refine their written communication skills, while further expanding their reading, with a variety of text styles. Our educators employ a repertoire of strategies in daily instruction to ensure that all learners thrive. 

Our student mantra that is spread though out the halls and repeated at every opportunity is


בנים לה’

(Children of HaShem)


Be a LEARNER, Act as a MENSCH and Live with SAFETY