Parnas Hayom


The Parnas Hayom (“Supporter of the Day”) Program gives parents, grandparents, and friends of RJJ the opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one through the voices of our children learning Torah. Dedications can be made in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special occasion (such as a birth, a birthday, wedding, or anniversary), or in the z’chut of a refuah shelaima, the merit of the recovery of a loved one. The dedication is announced at the beginning of the day, sent out in an email to the parent body, and listed in the Merkaz Weekly newsletter. A notification of a Parnas Hayom tribute will also be sent to the appropriate recipients. There are several ways to participate in the program:

– Sponsor a Day of Learning – $180
– Sponsor a Week of Learning – $540
– Sponsor a special program or visiting scholar – $1180
– Sponsor a Month of Learning – $1800


To reserve a date for the Parnas Hayom program, please contact Susan Kopstick at or (718) 982-8745 ext. 3 and submit your payment information in the form below.