The Rabbi Jacob Joseph’s Girl School provides a high level of education for students in grade 1-8. Rabbi Jacob Joseph’s primary objective is to provide its students with the tools of scholarship and the elements of a value system which will enable them to advance to their next level of education. The goal of the designed curriculum is the development of an individual who has required the academic and ethical standards espoused by our Torah. 

One of the most unique and exciting features of our school is our warm and dynamic atmosphere. RJJ envelops its students in a Torah environment in which to thrive and provides students with the tools which they need to be their very best. The school’s staff is singular in its dedication, concern and creativity. This reflects the school’s commitment to the success of each and every student-academically and socially-based on their abilities and needs. The synergy between the faculty and the parents in the school creates an atmosphere that gives children a sense of comfort while encouraging them to develop. Our core subjects merge with extra- curricular activities, special programs, resource rooms and individualized attention. The result is a school where students are baalos middos, happy to learn and academically advanced.

Our students graduate RJJ as true Bnos Yisrael, with a feeling of pride in their rich Torah Heritage ready to continue on to the next level of education and to continue the chain of Aim B’ Yisrael.

The mission of our Hebrew Studies/Limudei Kodesh is to immerse students in Hebrew language so that they are connected to Torah and tefillah a lifetime skill. In addition, we provide knowledge in our core Hebrew subjects: Chumash, Navi, Parshas Hashavua, Halacha, Yahadus, Chagim, Beiur Tefillah, Dikduk, Yedios Klalios and Jewish History. We infuse a sense of pride in being a Torah Jew, instill a love of Yidishkeit and inculcate Middos Tovos.

The mission of our Secular Studies is to provide education in Reading, Writing, and Math based on the New York State Common Core Standards. We transition our students from learning to read to reading to learn such that they may use reading as a vehicle for independent learning. Science is taught through Inquiry activities and Social Studies keeps our students abreast of Current Events. The learning experience in all areas is multisensory so that motivation and retention are high.