Hot Lunch Form

For the month of April, we will offer lunch for Monday – Thursday. The menu is as follows:

Monday – Baked ziti from Dairy Palace – $15.00

Tuesday – Chicken fingers and french fries from Holy Schnitzel – $22.00, 7th and 8th grade – $26.00

Wednesday – Pareve fire poppers and white rice from Dairy Palace – $20.00

Thursday – Sushi from Island Café Cucumber Roll – $16.00 California Roll – $20.00 (please note 1

or 2 rolls below)

In the event of a situation where your child needs to stay home or be quarantined for any period of

time, there will not be a refund or transfer for the month. In the event of c’v school closing you will be

refunded for the remaining lunches in April.

Payment for the month of April must be submitted with your order form. Please submit your form and

payment by Wednesday, March 17th

. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to place your order without

payment. Payment should be exact cash, or a check made out to RJJ.

If you choose not to participate in the lunch program in April, please send lunch for your child from

home as there will not be additional food available in school to distribute.

If you have any questions, please call the Business Office at (718) 982-8745 x.211.