RJJ Preschool is the happiest place on this planet!!! Our children run through the front door every morning excited for a new day of learning and fun. 

Walk into RJJ Preschool classrooms and you will feel the warmth and love of Torah and Yiddishkeit! The children love the wonderful atmosphere created by their talented and loving Morahs. Every aspect of the Jewish calendar comes alive in our preschool classrooms. Whether the children enjoy a petting zoo for Parshas Noach or baking Matzah before Pesach, our Morahs make learning a hands-on captivating experience for our preschoolers. Each Rosh Chodesh is welcomed with a fun assembly and a special treat. Weeks before each Yom Tov eager anticipation is felt. Songs, plays, arts and crafts and tasty treats all contribute to making the Yom Tov a memorable experience for each child!

Our Preschool is privileged to have a full day 3-K program. This government funded program which includes free tuition, free lunch and snacks has grown to three classes serving 45 children. Our certified teaching professionals in each classroom focus on utilizing units of study to help the children obtain the foundation skills, including social emotional, gross and fine motor skills, higher level questioning and critical thinking and more.

We are also privileged to have two 4-k classrooms. The Universal Pre-K government funded program provides educational support for our experienced teaching professionals. The Common Core Curriculum prepares the children with the foundation of skills that include reading readiness, phonemic awareness and writing skills to start them off on a path to succeed throughout their educational career.

RJJ-Merkaz Hatorah Preschool has established itself in the Staten Island Community through a combination of excellence in Chinuch/Education and a warm, loving and safe environment. Come visit us and see for yourself!!